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Cartoonists for Justice , Freedom Artists

February 4, 2009

If you have any more Names and Links please comment on this post

Carlos Latuff Brazilian cartoonist , Standing up against war and for Justice – Gallery BlogWikipedia page

Ben Heine a Belgian political artist – Cartoonist , who is standing for right , justice and against war – BlogGallery – Website

Najialali , a Palestinian Cartoonist , Killed at London

Omaya Gohaa , a Palestinian Cartoonist , IDF killed her husband 8 years ago

Yaser Ahmed . Syrian cartoonist

Wahyu-Kokkang Cartoonist from Indonesia

David Baldinger ( Gallery ) an American Cartoonist , Standing up for Palestinian’s rights : Gallery

Ahmed Abdel Aziz a cartoonist stand for Justice

Majed Badra is a Palestinian Cartoonist provides daily cartoons to various news and media outlets.

Hanaa Hagar a Saudi cartoonist , standing up against Israel War crimes at Gaza

Adem is a Turkish Cartoonist  who is standing up against illegal Israel occupation at Palestine

Bahadeen Bukharey , a Palestinian cartoonist draw over 50 cartoons for Gaza .

Mouhamed Spaenaa , a Palestinian cartoonist and Political artist standing up against Israeli Terrorism in Palestine .

Emad Hajjaj : a Palestinian Political Cartoonist Ramallah in 1967 , UNRWA schools graduate , and Standing up against Israeli Terrorism at Palestine .

Shirf Arafa , an Egyptian Cartoonist Standing up against Israeli Occupation in Palestine .

Raed Khalel a Syrian cartoonist and found of community

Khaled Kata Syrian cartoonist .

Khalil Abou Arafa , a Palestinian cartoon fight back with his cartoons for Gaza

Mahmoud Kuhil , a Palestinian cartoonist died 2003 .

Amal Akosh from Safad Palestine , Palestinian cartoonist stand up for Gaza

If you have any more Names and Links please comment on this post

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