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Blogsphere update for Gazai

February 3, 2009

Commenting on the latest Israeli
one-directional onslaught against the Palestinians of Gaza Strip, the
Israeli 10th TV channel has disclosed that the Israeli genocidal forces
had used half of its air force and had launched at least 2500 air raids
against Gaza Strip. The television military correspondent stated that
the Israeli warplanes had dropped more than a thousand tons of
explosives, including white phosphorous and DIME (Dense Inert Metal
Explosive) bombs, during three weeks on the virtually unarmed densely
populated 360 square Kilometers Strip. – more

To help get the word out, Mondo reader Jamie Dyer has used the information in the translated excerpts of the database to create this google map. “Making the map helped me to see the strategic placement of these settlements. The hilltops are being systematically taken in a sort of inversion of the topography of justice,” Dyer writes. – more

GAZA – “Only aerial photographs of the Gaza Strip will make it possible to show and to comprehend the extent of the destruction,” a number of Western civilians said this week. They added: “But there isn’t a chance that Israel will allow anyone to come with a light plane and do aerial photography.” – more

Since the inception of the Zionists movement, its founders and the Western Powers proclaimed that if Arabs accepted the Zionist vision (which aims to turn Palestine to a “Jewish majority state”), then “peace”, prosperity, and democracy shall follow soon after. Paradoxically, what happened on the ground has been the complete the opposite. It should be noted that up to this date, all Arab countries who accepted the …… – more

The rebuilding of Gaza has become the latest siege weapon. The Israeli occupation, the US that had backed its offensive, and the EU which did nothing to stop it are conspiring to turn the reconstruction process into a means to produce a suitable “peace partner” while the Arab summit in Kuwait hopes to use it to bring about Palestinian reconciliation. Meanwhile, ……….. – more

If civilization can survive the cynical path it’s on, future historians will identify three great cons that were played out upon the world during this time; the fractional-reserve central-banking system, the war on terrorism and Israel. All three are equally dangerous to the future of mankind, are presented with equal deception, and emanate from the same source.–more

What does Israel’s war against the Palestinian Arabs in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip have in common with America’s serial wars all over the globe, now centered on Afghanistan? The common denominator is that American money and weapons are used in every such war. Israel enjoys the approval and unconditional support of the American government. That means that no act that Israel …….-more

Israel’s ambassador to Australia told leaders of the Sydney Jewish community on Sunday that, “Israel’s efforts in Gaza were to bring about understanding that we are ready to engage in a decisive way” over Iran and its nuclear aspirations. –more

AN ultra-rightwinger, who is said to favour flattening Tehran if Iran develops nuclear weapons, has emerged as the politician gaining the most ground in next week’s general election in Israel.

Avigdor Lieberman, 50, is advancing so rapidly in the polls that his Yisrael Beiteinu (Israel Our Home) party is set to overtake Labour and become the third largest party… – more

Palestinian human rights activist Raji Al-Sourani has disclosed Wednesday that at  least 86 Israeli military officers were now wanted by a number western courts for their role in the holocaust in the Gaza Strip.

In a forum held in this regard in the Egyptian capital Cairo, Sourani accused the European governments of adopting  unfair  stand over the Israeli massacres in Gaza Strip, opining that such behavior would bring the world back to the ” law of the jungle.”

Ceasefires, Israeli-Style

Waging war while talking peace is customary Israeli practice. On January 19, Haaretz headlined: “Israel declares unilateral cease-fire. The security cabinet last night authorized a unilateral cease-fire (to take effect) at 2AM (Sunday morning), ending three weeks of intense fighting.” –more

The BBC’s internal regulator is to investigate the corporation’s decision not to transmit the Disasters Emergency Committee’s appeal for the aid effort in Gaza, The Times has learnt.

As complaints reached 15,500 yesterday, the BBC Trust, the corporation’s governing body, accepted that huge public concern meant it was inevitable that it would review the decision by Mark Thompson, the DirectorGeneral, not to screen the appeal. – more –

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