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Zionist State nourished with bloodshed

January 27, 2009


There arise reactions all over the world following the massacres of Zionist Israel. Demonstrations and marches are organized, Israeli and American flags are fired. The US and Europe, the absolute supporters of Israel, are blasted, people cry for the murdered and wounded people and for the ones left without food and water, homeless and helpless in Palestine. Media commentators -who are ‘experts’ of this issue- and columnists speak for long hours or write lots of pages without having a word on Zionism, colonialism, imperialism. ‘Outstanding foreign policy geniuses’ who were invited to TV studios are contented with merely analyzing the “how” part of the question deeply disregarding “why” part of it indeed… And Israeli attacks are going on in a more condense manner. Each attack, massacre and destruction is perceived as if it is the first one and this makes people forget the past attacks. These are rightful reactions, convenient and humane, but castigating, blasting, feeling sorrow, crying and even feeling embarrassed, unfortunately, are not enough to stop one century-tragedy of Palestinian people, these don’t provide cure to their pains; actually it is impossible to do. “Laugh, cry, but understand” says Spinoza1 because to understand is to transcend. Why and how were colonized the souls in which Palestinian people lived throughout thousands of years? Why were expelled Muslim Arab Palestinian people from their land? Why are they living in refugee camps in Palestine, Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon and exposed to nonstop terrorism, massacre and atrocity? What sort of an entity is this Zionist state, what is the raison d’etre and the mission of it? Why do all these colonialist/imperialist countries [US, EU and their satellites] not only support massacres of Israel but also encourage it? What did/does the Turkish state do while people in Turkey are blasting and damning massacres, feeling ashamed of and sorrow from Zionist atrocity? What do the explanations done by the government circles mean? How many people in Turkey are aware of the “strategic coalition” between Israel and Turkey? Struggling for its dignity along the decades, testing humaneness of the humanity and reproaching for this crime against humanity how can this tragedy of Palestinian people end?

Zionism is a racist/chauvinist ideology and political movement. As is supposed and claimed, it is not related to Judaism; therefore it does not represent and engage the majority of the Jews. It relies on a series of religious legends and ideological discourses like select people, promised lands, etc. Making references to the sacred texts is but an ideological manipulation aimed at deceiving Christians and Jews, legitimating and making them acknowledge colonialist/imperialist expansion, ethnic cleansing, massacres. As a racist ideology Zionism is based upon Xenophobia by nature and it is not possible for it to coexist with other peoples. This denying/outraging/ignoring/destroying character of Zionism underlies its continuous attacks, massacres and ethnic cleansing carried out against Palestinian people. There have been the colonialist/imperialist powers (led by the British) and their interests behind the project of gathering all Jews dispersed over the world into one state. In other words, Zionism is a racist political movement instrumentalized for imperialist purposes. All kind massacres of Zionist regime are assumed to be ‘self defense’, criticism against Zionism is assumed to be anti-Semitism and resistance against Zionism is assumed to be terror. Thereby Zionist ideology and movement both can get a sort of immunity and the possibility to execute an ideological terror. Zionism can not exist without an enemy and if required it creates an imaginary one. Zionists were the strongest allies and supporters of Nazis from Hitler’s coming into power until the end of the imperialist war. There was a sharing of interest between racist Nazis and racist Zionists. That is why Nazis, who principally aimed at forming a pure Aryan race and establishing a world over which Aryans rule, wanted to get rid of ‘impure races’, primarily Jews, and expel them from Germany. Racist Zionists who wanted to establish a state in Palestine and who assumed themselves as a select nation were trying every method to collapse Jews in Germany. Nevertheless, when Hitler came into power, the proportion of Jews in Germany joined in Zionist movement was only about 5%. 95% of them chose to sustain their lives in Germany by preserving their religion and culture and struggling for their civil rights by staying there… That is why “anti-Semitics will be the best allies of us” said writer and journalist Theodore Herlz, the leading figure of Zionism.

The ethnic cleansing, exiles and continuous state terrorism carried out in Palestine was supported by a series of lies, superstitions and ideological discourses. The first lie is that Palestinians left their land voluntarily. The second is the one expressed with the slogan “for a land without a people, for a people without land”. The third is that the establishment of the Zionist Israeli state is a civilizing attempt. The fourth is related to the characteristics ascribed to the Palestinian people; according to this, Arabs are a group that is “primitive, leftout, plunderer, predatory, bandit, burglar, deceiver, destroyer, including people terrorizing Jews, etc.”… Identification of the other in such a way is always sine qua non/unchanged principle of imperialism… Therefore Palestinians must definitely have been expelled from Palestine… The fifth is that the Zionist state was established in the consequence of a noble liberation war carried out against Arab threat. That the Palestinians left their land voluntarily is a nonsense of the Zionists, so it does not need to be treated. Coming to the discourse of “a land without a people”, during the period in which Palestinian soils were not colonized by Zionists and in 1917 when the region was broken off from the Ottoman Empire and dominated by the British, more than one million people with a 98% Muslim population were living there. The remaining 2% consisted of Christian and Jewish minorities. They were leading a relatively prosperous life. Nowadays, a population of 4 million lives in the camps in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Gaza and West Bank as refugees. This population in these camps is the children of 800.000 Palestinians expelled from their land soon before the declaration of the Zionist state in May 14, 1948 and after… However, according to Israeli Zionist official historians, this population of 800.000 left their land upon the call of Arab states… Have you ever seen a people who left its homeland upon such a call? Contrary was the situation indeed, Palestinians were exiled from their homeland as a result of the imposed war and massacres… Considering that Israeli state was established in the wake of a “national liberation war”, this can be a matter of joke just for black humour…

The region “Middle East”, as is called by the colonialist/imperialist Europeans, had always been a geostrategically important area during colonialist era. However, it is so clear why all powers holding hegemonic goals had always pretensions over the area along the history not only during colonialist/capitalist era. It was written in some British journals of the day, even in 1840, that the British intended to establish a European state in the Middle East. As regards the Zionist program presented to Cecil Rhodes, the famous theorist and builder of British imperialism, Theodor Herzl [1860–1904], the spiritual leader of Zionism, had said: “As is known my program is a colonialist program. I’d like to request you to exert your authority in supporting the program.” In the book Jewish State published in 1895, he said: “We will establish a sort of barricade there [in Palestine] for Europe against Asia; we will become the outpost of civilization against barbarism”. In fact, a Zionist state refers to the ‘Western state’ in the Middle East. That is to say, the Zionist Israel in the Muslim Arab soil is the satellite of imperialism/colonialism sprawled in the region. Zionist Israel implies the US, the EU and their extensions in the Middle East. The Zionist regime is given unconditional support because it is inevitably necessary for imperialist interests. Disregarding these analyses is only useful for deceiving those who made these analyses and the fools. It is worthless to make such analyses without implementing the concepts of colonialism and imperialism. The Zionist regime prevents the formation of an Arab union by creating a spiral of continuous conflicts, wars, terror and violence; it makes indigenous people unable to stand on their own feet and blocks the democratization and thereby enables autocratic, corrupt, US-henchmen Arab regimes to sustain their power and makes the region tangible to any attack, etc. Maintaining the status quo in this manner enables the imperialism to loutishly plunder the sources in the region. Therefore it is a big illusion to perceive the support given to the Zionist regime by the US, the EU and their satellites only as the manipulation of Zionist lobbies. In final analysis, the existence of Zionist lobbies is not independent of imperialism. These supporters of Zionist state and the ones behind Zionist lobbies alike are within the same circles. In the case of that the Zionist Israeli state becomes a threat in terms of imperialist interests and turns to be dysfunctional, Zionist lobbies would no longer be taken into consideration. That is why the existence of Zionist state cannot be possible without continuous warfare, conflict, violence, ethnic cleansing and colonial expansion [According to the legend, the promised land extends from Nile to Euphrates and thus that means there still are lots of land to be conquered…]. It is clear that the Zionist regime is a regime that is exactly nourished with bloodshed. It is a weird regime whose reason of existence depends on killing extensively, shedding more and more blood, destroying, spreading terror and fear. It is a known fact that living organisms are in need of water; it seems however as if the Zionist regime is an exception that is feeding itself with blood, that is to say, it is a sort of dying/killing spiral… Since this is the situation, we have to ask the question as it needs to be. Some naïve people who are ignorant of the real face of the situation are complaining by asking why the US, Europe and United Nations do not take action in order to stop the Zionist regime… If they have had the knowledge of that Israeli state is the US and Europe indeed, they would not have had such nonsense and delusions. Also they would have comprehended that why the Zionist regime experiment the state of the art weapons on Palestinian women and children… Considering the UN, it is an organization who was established by imperialist powers, particularly the US, in order to maintain the status quo shaped in the wake of the war between second imperialists. The principal mission of this organization is to carry on an ideological mystification and to deceive common people by referring to some so-called noble, universal and humanist conceptualizations and by instrumentalizing some humanitarian [and so-called international] organizations (FAO, WHO, UNICEF, UNESCO, etc.). Isn’t it a useless effort to have expectations for the good of Palestinian people from an organization, in reality, which was created in order to do nothing but illude the world and do gatekeeping of imperialist interests? In addition to this there has been a discourse of international society for long time. What sort of an entity is this international society and who are the members of it? Who do you think are included in this ‘society’? Are, for example, Nigeria, Syria, Colombia, Thailand, etc. included in it? International society is but the other name of collective imperialism and group of the US, Western Europe and their satellites. With no doubt, this discourse has been ideologically created to blur the world agenda…

Turkey had become the first Muslim country to recognize the Zionist state [28 March 1949] following its foundation. From then on Turkey sided itself with the West whenever there arouse a conflict between Muslim Arabs and imperialists, turning its face to imperialism and turning its back to the Arab nation. Apparently, it is impossible to hold an anti-imperialist political stand in the face of such conflicts while being a satellite of the West and a NATO ally at the same time. The only possible way to receive support from the US is to get on well with the Zionist regime. There has been ‘nothing new in the western front’ following past 60 years… You can not stand against the cruelty and extreme brutality of the Zionist regime without standing against imperialism! But some are defending this embarrassing ‘preference’ hiding behind Turkey’s ‘national interests’ and also presenting it as a ‘diplomatic success’… In this article it is unnecessary to go into the nonsense of ‘national interest’. It is enough to say that something like “national interest” could not/cannot exist within a society in which there are classes; and discourses as such only belong to a category of the sovereign ideology. How significant a “national interest of Turkey” is it, justifying being silent and nonreactive against brutality, ethnic cleansing and massacres? A common illusive impression has been created in the way that as if there is a war going on between Palestinian people and Israel, and it is possible to solve this problem with a peaceful permanent solution… However, current situation there cannot be expressed by utilizing the concept of “peace”. Peace describes a situation when there is a “compromise” between two states or two sides at the end of a war. But considering the situation in Palestine, “peace” is not a convenient concept. What is going on there is a colonialist/imperialist occupation, siege and an exile from homeland; therefore the solution only becomes possible by removal of imperialist/colonialist powers from the region. In brief, the situation can only be expressed with the words “national liberation”… This type of ideological manipulations originates from a view through which the attacker and the attacked are seen as “equal” or having the same conditions… Can the way you are defending yourself to survive be identified as violence and terror when you are attacked to be murdered? Regarding peace, “They create a desert rightfully and later call it peace” says Roman historian Tacitus…2

The last attack of the Zionist regime and scenes of violence are leaving deep impacts in the hearts and conscience of the people and rightfully invoke reactions. It cannot be denied that the situation crucially and primarily requires emergent aid as much as and as soon as possible, yet this should not be seen enough. If your state is one of the biggest supporters of the Zionist regime, then you need to do something different than and beyond emergent aid. If complaining, crying, blasting, etc. would have had any positive impact, wouldn’t it have already ended the 61-year [including the period before] occupation, massacre and barbarism? Turkey is the strategic ally of Israel; that means there is ‘a deep compromise’ between them since one of the meanings of alliance is compromise and only the ones that are similar to each other can compromise… Turkey is the most important purchaser of Israel’s weapons; Israeli air forces are completing a certain part of their training in Turkey. What are your eyetears meant to be if you are not setting against the education of those who carry their training of murdering in your own land and who murder children, women, Palestinian resisters and people of all age? These crocodile tears are shed for hiding hypocrisy and dishonesty, isn’t it? Why and against whom is there a “Security and Confidentiality Agreement” between Turkey and Israel? Actually the agreements between the two states don’t consist of only “Strategic Alliance”, “Security and Confidentiality Agreement”, “Military Training and Collaboration Agreement”. There are lots of agreements in different fields: from tourism to telecommunication, from Free Trade Agreement to Defense Industry Collaboration Agreement, etc…

Palestinian people’s getting out of this hundred-year violence and brutality and sustaining an independent and free life with its dignity becomes possible with a determined, consistent anti-capitalist, anti-colonial and anti-imperialist struggle which will be collectively carried out by all Middle Eastern peoples -particularly Muslim/Arab peoples- including Turkey. Yet, real liberation of Palestinian people not only means to realize its own independence but also liberation of all peoples living in the region. That is why it is an inevitable step to go into an international solidarity and collaboration. First of all, it is necessary to end the power of corrupt autocratic Arab regimes in the region instrumentalized by imperialism; it is clear that the enemy to be overcome is not only imperialism, imperialism cannot sovereign without internal compradors… To put it briefly, there is an identification of internal-external enemy in this case. For that very reason, we have to take concrete steps in the way of establishing an international solidarity and collaboration rather than developing mere discourses about it. We must behave radically. It is said that being radical means to treat the problems fundamentally. Otherwise, we will continue to be responsible for the atrocity going on there. It seems reasonable to end this article with a passage of a poem by Hanoch Levin3 in remembrance of the children killed in Palestine.

Dear father,

When you stand over my grave

Old and tired and very much alone

And you see how my body is interred in the earth -ask my forgiveness,

My father.

My father.
Pc: Allowed to Republish with giving credit to Editor Fikret Başkaya
Turkish version


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