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When You know the truth , when you say the truth then You are :

January 16, 2009

Do you know the truth? Well, if you DO know the truth, then you are either:

1) an extreme leftist
2) anti-semitic
3) an extremist, preferably a Muslim one
4) hateful
5) a bigot
6) a fool
7) anti-semitic
8) all of the above

When you know the truth, you are not educated; you are merely an ignorant fool. If you criticize Israel you are uneducated. If you condemn human rights violations you are hateful. If you criticize the policies and actions of the Bush Administration, you are anti-American.

Obviously this is all a bunch of crap, but this is all I’m hearing on this website. If you know the truth you are automatically one of these things.

I am American; I am Muslim; I am Palestinian; I am not an extremist; I do not belong to a political entity; I do not like zionism; I am not a bigot; I am not hateful; I accept different ethnicities/nationalities/religions and love to learn about all; I am not foolish; I am not anti-semitic; most of all, I like to search for the truth.



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