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Israhell campaign and artwork

January 11, 2009

Why Do we call Israel , IsraHell ?

Israel is a prophet name , who came for mercy , sympathy , love and humanity ,

IsraHell is making an advantage of this name as it make / made an advantage of Jews , Judaism , International press ,….etc .

by using this name IsraHell set a holy , a prophet name on every child it murder , every woman it slaughter , every blood it shade . in the name of holy war , in the name of a Prophet , in the name of every chirstain , every jews , every muslim .

IsraHell use Israel name as an excuse to what it is doing is rightous right to kill .

IsraHell is illegal country , that had been stolen , built over terror , blood , bodies of dead , slaughterd babies , childern and women . 1948 .

We are seeing that the organzation and the power that help israHell to get born is the same power that watch the slaughter every day and do nothing . so we don’t aprove on the name and consider it a real normal country anymore same for the organization and the power it build it !

What should i do ?!

Stop saying Israel , Say IsraHell ,

in tour writing , chat , conversations , and an artwork .

Please forward this campaign .

ًWrite about This campaign in your blog , journal , forum

make artworks , cartoons , write articles .

Please write about this campaign and say israHELL

IsraHell artwork !

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