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Husni Mubrak In eyes of the artists .

January 11, 2009

Husni Mubarak

,  he is the president of Egypt , who blockage Gaza , for more than a year , he also refuses , to open the Rafah gate for gaza for Medical supplies , Food , and doctors to support and help Gaza’s people .

for more than 3 weeks , Husni Mubarak the president of Egypt support IsraHell ( Israel ) for their bloody massacres at Gaza , refusing the even the human aid organizations such as , IHH , WHO , AMU , MSF from getting into Gaza , to help the people their .

Husni Mubarak blockage Gaza’s people under siege , from getting even the needed living materials , and remove their right to eat , drink , even to buy their need materials .

Husni Mubark is the crime partner for israHell ( israel ) , and strategic partner as he supply Israhell ( Israel ) with Gas , food , materials and refuses to cut off or even say IsraHell ( israel ) is wrong .

Husni Mubarak  dose not see the need for israHell to stop their massacres at Gaza , as Israhell ( Israel ) needs it .

Husni Mubarak , in jail his own people who protest for gaza . or even try to see or say the truth . sending his troops  , police to hit , in-jail and broke bones who ever want to protest against israHell ( Israel )

The artists deny Husni Mubarak stupid and false claims , and protest against his injustice support and helping for IsraHell , Israel

Husni Mubarak- �سنى مبارك

Husni Mubarak- �سنى مبارك

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