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Cartooists for Freedom

January 11, 2009

Cartoonists For Gaza , Cartoonists for Freedom , Cartoonists against Zionism


Latuff :
Latuff is a cartoonist from Brazil , he is famous about standing up for Freedom around the world and against the lies of USA and Israel .

Benheine :
Benheine is a newspaper professional journalist who are standing up against the war , and the claims of USA and israel . buy lunching very artistic and expressional cartoons in newspapers and his own website and blog .

Ademmm :

Ademmm : is a turkish artist , cartoonist and animator , who is experissing himself in many anrtistic cartoons about what’s happening now in GAZA .

Booode and Saa3d0o
are 2 young artists ( 15 years old ) who said no for the zionists their way .

David Baldinger  :

David  is a cartoonist , from united state , who is standing against WAR , Zionism and for GAZA .

For more cartoonist please submit here .

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